Guess who’s back?

Back again…Tracy’s back…tell a friend.

Well hey there, if you’re new around here welcome. If you’ve been following along for a while now, you’ll know this is not my first rodeo or blog.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me go back to where it all began.

About 5 years ago now I started posting my outfits on Instagram, back then I was known as Ruffle Tuesday because I wore ruffles on Tuesday, duh. It started as a joke between my bestie and her roommate when they both wore ruffles on a Tuesday and just kind of became a thing. I soon began posting my ootd which was literally what I wore teaching that day. I graduated from mirror selfies to having my TA take my photos outside of school during my planning period. My posts connected me with some of the most amazing women whom I consider dear friends. Let’s be real, when you grow up, it’s just plain hard to find friends. I always joked that Instagram was like online dating, but for friends.

Posting my outfits also gave me a creative outlet. Fashion has always been something I’ve loved. Just ask my parents and my husband, I’m infamous for shoving so much in my closet that I break the closet bars. Whoops, my bad. Over the last few years though, it has turned into a passion. That passion has taken many different channels but most recently that has been LuLaRoe. I’ll go more into depth on that in another post but among other things it has allowed me to quit my teaching job. I get to wake up every day and do what I love, what I feel like I have been destined to do.

So why another blog? Instagram has changed, I have changed, fashion has changed. I wanted a place to tell my story. So what you can expect to find here? First and foremost cute clothes because that’s what I do {hair flip} but also I want women just like you to know that you are enough and that you are worthy. I hope you’ll stick around because I’m sure you’ll find that we are just alike.