6 ways to style The Amy

How to style The Amy, 6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

Y’all Amy is here! I’ve welcomed her into the shop with open arms. Okay full disclosure, I was a little intimidated at first by the sleeves and the blousey-ness. I wasn’t quite sure I could pull it off. BUT oh my word,  I’m so glad that I tried her. Once I started to style her, I realized her versatility and there isn’t much I love more than being able to wear something multiple ways. So let’s talk about her, she has buttons and a collar, obviously. Amy is more of a cropped cut which is a huge departure from our more traditional longer tops. It is super on trend and I’m loving it. The sleeve is a dolman sleeve which means it’s a lot wider. The more traditional sleeve has a defined place for your armpit, the dolman top is really wide and just sort of blends in with the side of the shirt. That’s not an official definition but that’s the best way I can describe it.

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe AmyFirst of all, can we have a moment for this pattern. It is life. Okay now that we have established that, let’s talk about the first way to style the Amy. I tied it over an Amelia. I am normally an XL in tops but I am recommending for general sizing to size down 1 from your regular shirt size. I think I would have preferred to size down 2 for pairing over dresses and skirts. I’ll show you a M with the next look and I like that it is more fitted. Like with all things LuLaRoe, I always encourage you to shop for the pattern, not the size.  So to recap, size down 1 from your normal size for a good length and fit, size down 2 for a more fitted and cropped fit. 6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

This Amy is a M, I sized down because #theseflorals. I tucked it into my Lola and I also flipped the band of the Lola inside because the color didn’t quite go with the colors in the Amy. Did you know that you can do that with the Lola and the Jill? It’s one of my favorite hacks. I still felt like I needed to define my waist though so I added a fun bow belt. Then threw on a Joy and voila.

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

Can we talk about these mules too? I’m obsessed, going to be on major repeat this spring.

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

I’m not sure how you feel about mustard but I’m pretty sure I need it all in my life. This Amy is a L but I think a M would have been more fitted for pairing over the Madison. Again though, this pattern is amazing so I’m going with it. 6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

The way I feel about mustard is the same way I feel about Aztec prints…I need them all…kthanksbye

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

For this look I sized down to a S in the Amy, I left it open and paired it with a Maria. 6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

For the next Amy look, I paired it with a killer Sarah and my first Jill skirt. The Jill is going to be huge this spring. For tying a knot with the Amy to pair over dresses or skirts. I unbutton the bottom two buttons of the shirt and tie those flaps together. This Amy is also a L.  6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

Did you catch that pop of leopard? Y’all I know I wear leopard like a neutral. Going to have to wear this whole outfit on repeat. #sorrynotsorry

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

I saved my favorite look for last. To be honest, I’m just as surprised as you are that this is my favorite way to style The Amy. This Amy is a L and I love how that size pairs with jeans. This is one size down from my normal top size. I tried the M on with jeans but it was a little too cropped for my taste, one hand raise and you’d be seeing everything. So size down one for this look. Jeans + The Amy are a match made in heaven.

6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

I bought this red belt at Target a few week ago because red is making a comeback. When this Amy came in I knew I had to find a way to pair them together. Enter the half tuck. I never thought I could pull off the half tuck until Amy. And now I’m like can’t stop won’t stop. #halftuckforlife

6 ways to style the Amy
photos by @kellieblogs

Which look is your favorite?6 ways to style the LuLaRoe Amy

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