How to style your Lola skirt

Let’s talk about how to style your Lola skirt!

LuLaRoe Lola, How to style your LuLaRoe Lola skirt

Happy Monday loves! Oh my goodness y’all! Thank you so much for all the love on my last post. I know y’all are my people because you GET IT! And even if you haven’t shared the same experience, you responded with such compassion and grace that it makes me just want to share more. This week though we are keeping it light and breezy, just like the Lola skirt. #seewhatididthere

LuLaRoe Lola, LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez

Lola is realllllll cute and I always feel so feminine when I wear her.

She is our true midi skirt. You can’t really see it in the picture above because it was really windy the day we took photos but Lola hits about mid calf. If you didn’t know a midi skirt or a midi length garment is one that hits mid calf. Of course depending on your height that could vary. The Lola comes in both chiffon and lace fabrics and has an inner lining that is shorter. Lola also has a very wide elastic waist band and is meant to be worn right around your belly button.

LuLaRoe Lola, LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez

I’ve been really digging pairing my skirts with the cropped top looks that are so in right now. The one in this photo is from Target’s new Universal Threads line.

But Lola also looks great paired with a Classic T, an Amy or your favorite graphic t for a more casual look.

Here are a few other ways I’ve styled Lola in the past.

LuLaRoe Lola

Paired with an Amy and Joy

LuLaRoe Lola  Paired with a Gigi top

LuLaRoe LolaPaired with a Gigi and Harvey

LuLaRoe Lola
photos by @kellieblogs

Graphic T and Shirley

LuLaRoe Lola

I’ll be going live tonight to give some styling tips and you’ll be able to shop them all week so be sure to check it out here.

LuLaRoe Lola

Remember you are worthy and deeply loved.