My NYE look and why I’m not dieting in 2018

Maybe I look glamorous on the internet but Y’all I promise in real life I’m not that fancy. Why I’m not dieting in 2018? We’ll get to that in a minute. The hubs and I really just like hanging out at the house, we’ve never been big on New Years.

LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez

The most exciting New Years we had was the one when we got engaged (doesn’t that sound like a Friends episode title?). We will probably be asleep by 11 which is totally fine with me. That’s why I love having this blog and my social media platforms so that I can get all…

…fancy and play dress up.

This year’s Elegant collection was one for the books. You guys, I wanted every single piece. I love how this Elegant Sarah and Elegant Carly work together as pattern mixing.

Pattern mixing is a question I get a lot,I always recommend starting with something safe like stripes and florals and then branch out. You can also pattern mix with textures which is another great pattern mixing baby step.

The sequence in this Sarah adds texture and pairs well with the design of the Carly. Since there is a lot going on in my outfit, I just added a little pop of jewelry with my earrings.

If you want your outfit to make a statement, in a good way, pick one thing that you want to be the statement, either the outfit or the accessories. If you try to do both, you’ll end up like a Lisa Frank design gone wrong and that’s saying something.

Make the outfit the statement

In this case, I wanted to make the outfit the statement so I pulled back some on my jewelry. If I wanted to make the jewelry stand out, I would wear a more neutral outfit. You get the point. If you’re looking to shop for NYE or any special occasion you have coming up click here to view my shop

LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez, LuLaRoe Elegant

So okay, if you’re a human on the planet you’ve probably seen a ton of posts this week.

About overdoing it during the holidays and vowing to change in the New Year. And for the last 10 years, that was me. Every single year I would go on a new plan or diet.

Convinced I had finally found the one that would save me but here’s the thing, diets never work. You can call it a lifestyle, you can claim it’s a newly discovered food allergy. (Um hello my gluten-free year) but at the end of the day, diets are liars.

For 10 years I looked to diets to save me, they were a false religion to me.

I believed that if I followed all of the diet rules I would finally find health, happiness, worth, contentment, the life I wanted. But like any idol we have in our lives. They leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.

A few years ago, I threw up my hands after my last failed attempt and thought, “I can’t do this anymore”. I am tired of living by a set of rules I read in some, book!

My intuition

At the time I was under a lot of stress and was experiencing some minor health problems. Such as fatigue, chronic sinus infections, joint pain, brain fog, bathroom issues, and the list goes on. What I didn’t know then but I do now is that my intuition was trying to tell me to listen to my body.

“their only suggestion was to lose weight”

When finally, sitting down to write out all the symptoms I was having, filling it from front to back. I went to the doctor but all of my blood-work came back fine and their only suggestion was to lose weight…well okay then, fuck you. (I’ll be coming back to this whole weight shaming epidemic in an upcoming post)

I wanted to dig deeper though because that intuition kept nagging at me. My body was trying to tell me something. I had been putting off seeing a nutritionist about my health because I figured she would just tell me I was a horrible person for not being able to stick to a diet plan, lose weight and maintain it.

Reluctantly I made an appointment and to my surprise, she was kind, compassionate and life-giving.

She told me to allow myself foods that I had formerly forbidden. You guys, she told me to EAT CARBS and put real half and half in my coffee, if I wanted it. We added a whole list of vitamins to my daily routine and she told me to find time during the day to relax and be present.

She also recommended a book to me, I’m going to share it with you at the bottom of this post but please please please know it is not another diet. It’s about changing your relationship with food, your body and the way society views both of those.

More than anything the process for me has been about my mental health. I have had to fight so hard and am still fighting to get rid of my diet culture mindset.

In 2018

So in 2018, I am not going on a diet, I am not restricting sugar, I am not forcing myself to do crazy workouts. I am going to allow myself to enjoy my food, I am not going to judge what I am eating. I’m going to walk the dog and go to yoga and I am going to let myself be.

If nothing else after reading this post, I hope you know that limiting your carbs, counting your calories, avoiding sugar, only eating organic, and drinking green juice does not determine your worth.

You are allowed to listen to what your body is telling you.

You are allowed to enjoy a salad, not because you have to eat it but because you want to eat it.

You are also allowed to put half and half in your coffee.

You are allowed to be.

There are a million other things I want to say but I better save those for upcoming posts, my SEO counter is telling me I’m reaching my word limit. Be sure to scroll down for some resources that have helped me in my recovery.

LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez, LuLaRoe Elegant
photos by @kellieblogs

Intuitive Eating II Katherine Andrew II The Body Love Society II Nutrition Matters Podcast II Food Psych Podcast

*I am not a doctor or a dietician or a mental health professional. This is only my personal experience. If you think you might be in a similar situation please seek professional help. The resources I linked are a great start but I highly recommend you reach out to someone who can help.


Thanks for reading.

Remember that you are worthy and deeply loved!