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What's a LuLaBox? 
It's an outfit or small capsule (depending on your budget) that is hand picked and style by me. You will fill out the style profile giving me your preferences and the amount you want to spend. I will invoice you and ship your order. If you don't want any of the items you can return them for a full refund. If you keep them, you'll get 10% off your next box.

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Personal Styling

Either in person or online, I will hand-select clothing that fit your taste and body type, and coordinate them into complete outfits. Whether you wear it all together or mix and match pieces, I will be there to guide you through it all with detailed style notes.

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Pop Ups

A pop-up shop is a fun home party where you to get to hang out with your friends and browse through and try on awesome clothing together! These are so much fun because there are no boring presentations and no pressure. I will set up the clothes, then let you and your friend shop away! It is all about having a fun girls night and showing your friends clothing that you love. I also offer online pop ups for you and your friends. As a hostess, you earn free clothing!

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