Shirley you’ll love her

I promised you cute outfits {hair flip} and I keep my promises.

LuLaRoe releases new styles at our annual convention every July and this year did not disappoint. We are discontinuing the Monroe Kimono and replacing it with the Shirley. The Monroe had 2 sizes, S and L and she had fringe on the bottom. The Shirley is an update to this style, the sizes have been re-done and now comes in S, M and L and the fringe was taken away and the hem extended. The length of the Monroe is the same as the Shirley but instead of fringe, there is fabric.

photo: @kellieblogs

Right now Shirley is coming in chiffon and accordion pleated silk satin. I find that the chiffon fits true to size but the accordion pleat is running a little big. My mantra in LuLaRoe clothing is to shop for the fit, not the size. I tell my shoppers to find something they like and ignore the sizing, I have everything from XS-3X in my closet and everything fits differently. I have a S Shirley and a M Shirley and I like the fit of each. The S is a bit more fitted in the arms and shoulders and doesn't have as much fabric around the side. My M has a much flowier feel to it and the arms and shoulders fit perfectly. Those are both chiffon fabric. I also have an accordion pleated M because I will upsize for leopard print, can you blame a girl? It does fit oversized but I make it work.

I've been wearing Shirley over all of my Carly's because it adds a layer without the heat and right now we are in the dog days of summer. As with all things LuLaRoe they will come in other fabrics according to the season. Shirley also looks super cute belted over an Amelia or paired with a Madison and graphic t.

photo: @kellieblogs


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