Denim dreams do come true LuLa Roe’s Harvey and Jaxon

Denim dreams do come true LuLa Roe’s Harvey and Jaxon

Have you ever tried something on and didn’t realize what you were missing in your life? Enter Harvey and Jaxon. They are the newest kids on the LuLaRoe block {high five for a 90’s reference} Our designer Patrick has really outdone himself this time. Usually denim is restrictive and suffocating. Not this denim, it’s stretchy and breathable. All I can say is that, dreams do come true and there

Harvey has a more traditional cut, I am wearing the XL in this photo. I can wear a M, L and XL because hello stretchy denim but prefer the fit of the XL the best. The denim comes in several variations, different washes from light to dark, colored denim and embroidery.


This is the lighter wash with embroidery. This one is also a size L. I mean this detail y’all! There are 2 inside pockets and the buttons have our logo on them. I mean, the cutest!

The Jaxon is a longer hem and looks super cute paired with our dresses and skirts. For size reference I am wearing a L. PS- I’m obsessed with the length of the Jaxon!


That stitching is the stuff of dreams ya’ll…denim dreams! This is done by hand, not a patch!

I love that I can layer it with dresses or over a Joy vest. I’m a big fan of the rule of 3 in fashion. The rule of three comes from art and implies that things that are grouped in odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing. I keep this in mind when I am putting an outfit together. I would pair a top with a skirt and then throw on a denim jacket. I could add a necklace too but then I would also add statement earrings or a clutch or if I’m channeling my inner Joey, maybe a Joy vest too.

Okay maybe the Joey example is taking it a bit far, you don’t want to go overboard but don’t be afraid of adding those layers!

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