Why I’m wearing white jeans and why you should too

You know those things that you can’t stop thinking about?

I’ll share in a minute why I’m wearing white jeans and why you should too but first…

The ones that plague your mind day and night. You can’t get them out of your mind so you just know you have to share?


Well this story is just that. I’ve had this post in mind now for….oh gosh, probably at least a year. Knowing I wanted to share this part of my story. Knowing that it needed to go out into the world but not sure how to put it all into words, not sure when the right time would be. I was talking about it in therapy the other day and my therapist said, you don’t have to have the perfect words, you just need to get your story out there. So on a whim I shared in my Facebook group my thoughts on why I’m wearing white denim and jean shorts and why you should too. You can watch the replay here

LuLaRoe Irma with white denim

Last weekend I bought a pair of jean shorts, it’s funny how a piece of clothing can have so much meaning. It’s just a garment but our society has put so much pressure on us as women to look a certain way so something as simple as buying a pair of shorts can feel like an act of rebellion. It may be an offhand comment like she shouldn’t be wearing that or I didn’t know that store carried sizes that big. Or a maybe it’s a celebrity gossip website or magazine talking about how much supposed weight a star has gained. Or and this one might be hard to swallow, maybe it’s blaming a sexual assault incident on the fact that the woman shouldn’t have dressed so provocatively.

We, or at least I, internalized those comments and thoughts and pretty soon I felt like I was unable to be truly free to wear what I wanted. Who remembers the Jessica Simpson mom jeans incident of 2009? If she isn’t free to wear what she wants then I certainly can’t wear it either. Welcome to my internal narrative. What a woman wears and how her body looks in a piece of clothing is no one’s business.

If a woman who is a size 24 wants to wear a pencil skirt, who are you to tell her she can’t? If a woman wants to wear a tight, low cut dress, we need to respect her choice. It’s no wonder with all of these images bombarding us that we have an internal fashion police.

When I put on shorts, I have thick thighs that rub together and you can see the cellulite on the back of my legs but y’all I live in the south and in the summer here it feels like we live on the surface of the sun. I refuse to go through another summer worried about how my legs look in shorts because it is too damn hot here for that. And I also bought tank tops because the only way to survive summer is to wear as little clothing as possible. And while we’re talking about it, let’s throw white jeans in the mix.

I’ve worn them for years because they literally go with everything. I’ve had so many women say to me but I can’t wear white jeans. Um why can’t you? It’s simple, you buy a pair and put them on. Well what if my cellulite shows through, well what if it does? Do you have cellulite? Yes, do most women?

Yes, so why are we trying to cover up something we all have? I have eyeballs too but you don’t see me covering them up or trying to deny their existence. It’s because society has put a negative connotation around certain body parts so that leads us to feel shame about it. Cellulite is only considered bad because society has given it that label. Look, I’m not saying it’s easy but I’ve fought hard over the last year to reframe my thoughts around my body. I’ve mentioned it in other posts but body image has been a struggle for me for as long as I remember. You can read about the first time someone called me fat here.

photos by @kellieblogs

So here’s the thing, do you want to wear a bikini this summer? Then do it. Do you want to wear a tank top? Then do it. Get on the white denim train me with y’all. I’ve been learning a lot lately about limiting beliefs. I think it’s essential that we stop limiting our clothing choices. If we allow ourselves freedom in the area of fashion, we will open ourselves up in other areas of our lives. We have got to stop living so small, allow yourself to take up space, allow your dreams to grow. Allow yourself to wear what you WANT to wear.

The only thing we should be asking ourselves when it comes to clothing is if we like it. If we like it then we should freaking wear it! It is more essential now that ever that we start standing up and challenging the status quo. We have important work to do, you matter and we need to start living like it.

So I’m going to start my own mini-rebellion by wearing white denim, jean shorts and tank tops. My cellulite will show and so will my back fat and you know what? I can’t freaking wait. Will you join me?