Working from home: 6 things I’ve learned

Well we are 6 months in to working from home

6 months into being my own boss.

6 months into setting my own schedule.

And 6 months in to the scariest best thing I have ever done.

Do I have it all figured out? Heck no! But I have learned a thing or two.

1. Setting a bed time is hard

Like I kinda already knew that from when I was teaching and had to be up 5:30AM but that was hard because I had to go to bed at 9pm in order to get a decent night’s sleep. Not having a start time means it’s hard to go to bed at a set hour. I could start work at 10AM and work until 10PM. So you see my dilemma.

2. Health Insurance

I feel so adult saying this but health insurance man, it’s not cheap and it’s not good. I started out just paying Cobra but it’s literally like a mortgage payment. I wanted to cry every time we paid the bill. I could add on to my husband’s plan but that is also tricky since it makes his premiums go up. So we settled on a healthcare sharing company.

3. Work-life balance

I mean this is a hard one for many people working from home or not but these seems especially hard on the weeks when hubby travels. Thankfully I do love what I do but I have to be careful to guard time for just us.

4. PJs all day

I mean hello, my job is fashion but sometimes I stay in pjs all day and I won’t apologize for it. Other days I stay in work out clothes all day and forget to shower. And then when I really have my ish together I put on an Amelia to go to Target. You win some, you lose some

5. Thinking thoughts

Since I’m not worried about going a million miles an hour at school and then rush home to do LuLaRoe, I actually have time to think thoughts. Y’all it’s been years since I was alone with my thoughts and you know what? I actually have some good ones. And you’re about to read all of them in this blog.

6. The hustle is real

I drink my coffee out of a mug that says hustle but in all seriousness if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I have always had a salary so this is a huge change for me but not necessarily a bad thing. Every day I bet on myself and that has given me more confidence than having a salary ever could.

What about you? Have you always thought working from home would be a dream? Do you work from home already? Do you have any tips for me?


PS- working from home means I have a pretty cute co-worker